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The GMC comprises of the following departments

  • Administrative and Finance
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Market Information Centre

Agri-Business Development
Crop Reporting
Market Analysis
Market Extension

  • Packaging Facilities

Central Packaging Facility
Parika Agro-Packaging Facility
Refrigerated (Cold Storage) Facilities
Refrigerated Trucking Service

  • Guyana Shop


Primary functions of the Marketing Information Centre:

  • Provides market and marketing information, advises on the availability of produce, freight and  other marketing matters.
  • Provides a one-stop desk for export documentation of non-traditional agricultural produce
  • Conducts market studies for local and overseas markets
  • Participates in trade fairs, and expositions to promote Guyana’s fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as agro-processed products.
  • Advises on the availability of trade and business opportunities.
  • Advises on kinds of produce that are being exported.
  • Facilitates the Bioterrorism Legislation Registration for exporters with the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).
  • Conducts training programs for farmers, exporters & other stakeholders.
  • Monitors daily wholesale and retail prices from local markets.
  • Provides linkage between exporters, agro-processors and farmers of non-traditional agricultural commodities.
  • Conducts analyses of data on prices, export volumes, etc;


Primary functions of the Packaging Facilities:

  • Provides facilities for the preparation of fresh produce for export;
  • Provides facilities for the transportation of fresh produce from farm to packhouse, and from packhouse to ports of export;
  • Provides cold storage facilities;
  • Provides advice on the methods of preparation for fresh fruits and vegetables for export.


Primary functions of the Guyana Shop:

  • Promotes the sale and consumption of locally produced and manufactured non-traditional agricultural produce and products;
  • Supports the development of micro and small agri-businesses.