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Fruits & Vegetables Exporters

Exporting fruits and vegetables is done by private individuals and companies in Guyana.



The Guyana Non-Traditional Exporters Association is a non-governmental organization. The Association was established on November 23, 2009. Its objectives are:

  • To improve market access.
  • For better corporation amongst farmers and farmers associations.

-To increase bargaining power of producers and buyers.

-To increase financial capacity of members.

-To increase market share in the non traditional agriculture sector.

-To participate in national and regional and international exhibitions.

-Creation of a revolving fund so members can have access when in need.

-To assist members from unexpected losses.

The Association houses an extensive list of exporters to the Caribbean, North America and Europe who are always ready to conduct business. Commodities exported includes; fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Fish and Agro Processed Products.