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Refrigerated Trucking Service

When produce is harvested from the parent plant, it rapidly undergoes biochemical changes that will speed up the ripening and rate of deterioration, which in turn reduces the shelf life. Hence, it is important to maintain the cold chain (keep the produce as cool as possible), especially when it is being transported. One of the recommended ways to maintain the quality is the use of Refrigerated Trucks.

Guyana Marketing Corporation has six (6) refrigerated trucks that are available for use in the maintenance of the cold chain……. Read more


What is a ‘Cold Chain’?

A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. Perishable goods like fresh meat, seafood and fruits, vegetables and even pharmaceuticals, follow a cold chain while in transit, in warehouses, and while waiting to be loaded onto transport.

The Importance of the Cold Chain

Maintenance of the cold chain is the best way to maintain the quality of a product and minimise all forms of deterioration after harvesting, including:

  • Weight loss resulting in wilting and limpness;
  • Softening;
  • Bruising;
  • Unwanted ripening;
  • Colour changes;
  • Texture degradation; and
  • Development of rot and moulds.

The export of fresh produce often involves long journey times and frequent handling. This makes effective cold chain management more difficult, but even more essential, to ensure that the product finally sold retains maximum freshness.

Who is Responsible?

Maintaining the cold chain is the responsibility of everyone who handles fresh produce, from producers to retail sales people. A break in the chain, or breakdown in temperature control at any stage, could impact on the final quality of the product.