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Market Extension

Guyana Marketing Corporation through its Marketing Officers provides “Marketing Extension Services” to Farmers and Agro-Processors. Marketing officers make regular visits to farms and factories to educate and sensitize both producers and agro-processors.

New methods/techniques of farming and the importance of proper post harvest handling is disseminated to farmers. This is done to maximize the profits of the producer whilst at the same time focusing on lowering the costs of production.

Our intention at Guyana Marketing Corporation through our Marketing extension services is to improve the livelihood of all stakeholders, especially farmers.


Horticultural Marketing

Successful marketing requires learning new skills, new techniques and new ways of obtaining information.  The FAO's Guide on Horticultural Marketing seeks to help them to develop knowledge in order to be better able to advise farmers about market-oriented horticulture. The emphasis is on assisting farmers to form mutually beneficial relationships with private-sector traders and agro-processors.

Farmers often do not understand the true costs associated with marketing their produce. Tradersʼ margins are sometimes looked upon as being excessive. FAO's Guide to marketing costs and how to calculate them can be useful to marketing officers and extension workers who advise farmers on marketing and prices.