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Company Profile

Mission statement

"Facilitating and coordinating the development of quality non-traditional agricultural produce for export."

Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) is a government corporation established under section 46 of the Public Corporations Act, Cap 19:05 of the Laws of Guyana that has been working assiduously over the years to promote the cultivation and export of Guyana’s non-traditional agricultural crops to Regional and Extra-Regional markets.

Guyana Marketing Corporation is sometimes referred to as the “New” Guyana Marketing Corporation (New GMC). This is because in 1985 the policy of the Guyana Marketing Corporation was changed. There was a total cessation of all buying and selling operations, and a mandate to provide market facilitation services to the private sector for the export of non-traditional agricultural produce, facilitate local market development, develop and disseminate post-harvest technology, conduct market research and provide market intelligence services to farmers was adopted.

In 1997, GMC resumed the buying of farmers' produce and processed agricultural products and other locally manufactured items, but at prices that were negotiated directly with farmers and manufacturers. Moreover, only quality produce, for which there was a ready demand, was bought. This was part of GMC’s effort to make Guyanese produce and products more accessible to consumers.

In 1999, to compliment the efforts of creating a greater awareness for Guyanese products, GMC launched a “Made in Guyana, Grown in Guyana” campaign. This campaign was taken to all parts of Guyana and the highlight of the campaign were the “Guyana Nights” that were held in various regions.

Immediately following this campaign, the corporation attended/organized the Guyana Trade & Investment Trade Shows that were held in many countries of the Caribbean and North America. The attendance/organizing to/of these trade shows created greater awareness and interest in non-traditional agricultural products from Guyana.

In 2001, to further enhance its services to farmers and exporters, the corporation established the Central Packaging Facility – Sophia to prepare produce for export.

In 2008, the Parika Agro-Packaging Facility was established for the same purpose.

Apart from these activities, GMC is also charged with the responsibility of providing Marketing Services for the development of the non-traditional agricultural sector.

GMC also provides exporters of non-traditional agricultural products with marketing advice, assistance for sourcing supplies, harvesting, cleaning, packaging and facilitating logistical arrangements for exports.